Payment Preferences

1) What are your payment options?

    From you can pay at the door by Pay, Money Order / EFT, Western Union and Credit Card via the site.

2) What are the payment options at the door?

    At Payment at the Door you can pay only in cash.

3) What payment methods can I pay from abroad?

    You can pay by overseas orders with all payment methods except pay at the door (via wire transfer / Eft, Western Union and credit card via site).

4) What are your transfer / Eft accounts?

Kuveyt Turk

TL ACCOUNT: TR36 0020 5000 0954 4934 8000 01

EURO CALCULATION: TR52 0020 5000 0954 4934 8001 01

DOLLAR ACCOUNT: TR25 0020 5000 0954 4934 8001 02


Account Holder: YAHRENAY

5) How do I pay with Western Union?

    For Western Union option, you must deposit the product amount from Western Union contracted ptt and bank branches to the following name and address.

Name: Yunus Ölçer

Address: Etiler Mah. 1268 Sok. No: 2 D: 301 Location: Konak / Izmir

The order amount will be given to you and you will be given the 10 digit code (0850 885 09 01).

Whatsapp: +90 5444 437 62 00