Order and Shipping

1) How can I place an order?

    You can place your order safely and easily via Yahrenay.com easily and quickly. You can also place an order by calling 0544 437 62 00 on Whatsapp or by calling 0850 885 09 01. You can only get payment and remittance orders at the door via Whatsapp and phone. Payments by credit card must be made through the site. You can get help from our site at 0850 885 09 01.

2) When will my orders be shipped?

    Your orders are shipped within 3 working days at the latest in stocked products. For special production products, it may take up to 7 business days to be shipped according to production status.

3) Can I change my order?

    You can add / remove / replace products by calling 0850 885 09 01 for the products not yet shipped.

4) Can I change my delivery address?

    You can change your delivery address on products not yet shipped. Just let us know on 0850 885 09 01.

5) How can I know the status of my order?

    You can get information about your orders by entering the "My Orders" menu in your customer panel.

6) How can I find out the shipping tracking code?

    You can find your shipping tracking code by entering the "My Orders" menu in your customer panel.

7) What happens if I do not arrive at the address when the cargo arrives?

    If your order is not in your address, you can wait 3 business days in the nearest Domestic Cargo branch. During this time you can go to your branch and take delivery of your cargo.

8) Order came damaged, what should I do?

    Be sure to check your cargo. If there is any impact on the product and the box, and in case of a defect, return the product to the cargo company by attaching the "Damage Record". Damage report is not kept after cargo delivery, so please check your product before signing the cargo delivery form.

9) If my product arrived faulty, defective, what should I do?

    Please fill out the Customer Form that came with your order and send it to your local address with your invoice and product (add them if you have an accessory and a gift). As soon as the product reaches us, you will be informed.

10) What should I do if my order is attached to customs?

    In case of shipment of the shipments to the customs, the responsibility belongs to the customer.