Delivery conditions

When do we receive the product I ordered?

Orders can be taken at the moment of bank approval and your order can be taken to the preparation stage immediately. The payment that you have deposited in your money order orders is monitored by checking our accounts at the beginning of each working day and the orders that are paid are taken to the preparation stage. If there is any problem in the supply stage of the products in your order, all information about the product is sent to our e-mail address registered in our system by our store authorities. The products you purchase are delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to you as soon as possible. After the delivery of the packages, the cargo companies deliver the packages to the relevant shipping branch in the regions where delivery to the address is delivered to the address within 3 business days according to your region.

Which cargo company will be sent by my order?

Our company has an agreement with the Domestic Freight companies. Delays in deliveries may be delayed due to occasional or decelerating delivery from the region.

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

When the orders you submit from our site are delivered to cargo, the cargo shipment information related to your order is automatically sent to your registered e-mail address in our system. In addition, when you sign in to our site, you can view your orders from my account and view the status of your order instantly.

Will I pay any fees when I receive my order?

There is absolutely no extra charge during delivery. Please contact us if the cargo agent requests any fee from you. (For Payment Excluding Orders on the Door.)

My order is defective or came wrong, what should I do?

When your order is delivered to you by the cargo attendant, you must check the damage on the outer package before picking it up and prepare the Damage Determination Report in case of any damage. Another point that you should be aware of regarding the damage assessment report is the explanations of the cargo officials. For example, `There is no damage to the coliseum. The product is damaged. A report such as `` will be interpreted as the product is not damaged during transportation. Be sure to keep a record of the damaged product with a complete and correct word. (Ex: It has been checked and damaged when I received the product.)

My bill was not delivered with my order. What should I do?

All orders delivered by cargo are delivered to the cargo company according to the invoice and invoice. Our official invoices are an integral part of your order. Your invoice is delivered to you in a transparent plastic pouch, outside the box of your order. If for any reason the invoice is not delivered to you by the cargo company, please ask the courier for the cargo. Please fill in and report to us for all invoices which cannot be delivered. As soon as the cargo company will be found or a copy of the original copy will be sent to you by us.

What if there is no one at the address at the time of delivery?

If the cargo agent cannot find anyone at the address, he leaves the "Shipping Notice" and brings the cargo back to the branch. In this case, the cargo must be taken by the buyer from the branch within 3 days.

Can I change the recipient name or address after ordering?

You can change the recipient name or address if your order has not yet been shipped. The cargo officer who will arrive at your address will check your identity and make the delivery to your name.

What to Consider During Cargo Delivery?

When you have received your order, you can open and check the cargo package after signing the delivery slip. If there are any errors or omissions in the package, you can send the cargo report back to us or give us information. In such cases, if you have any problems with the cargo officer, please contact us immediately. The necessary response will be done as soon as possible and your problem will be solved.

Which cities can I order?

You can order from anywhere in Turkey. We have no restrictions to any location in Turkey. The deliveries of the products can only be made in the regions where the cargo company we are working. Due to the fact that delivery cannot be done in the regions where the cargo company we have contracted cannot be made, our customers may need to take the package by hand to the cargo branch where the package can be delivered.

Can I order from abroad?

Yes,you can give order from All over the world and you can receive your order with DHL.