Contract of membership

About the membership:

if you want to be the member of;you can go to our register page and fill the form.To fill the form correctly and complete is important for us to contact you clearly if there is any problem with your order.To be member is easy and fast in our website.To be member is not take you under any obligation.You can read selling can cancel your membership whenever you want.

Cancel of membership

You have right to cancel your membership as you wish.after the cancel of your membership;your all connections will be ended with

To cancel your membership;first you should log in to your membership and then cancel your membership from contact information page

You can't cancel your membership;

*if 60 days didn't pass from your last order

*if your cancel request is given from different e-mail adress

*ıf the member can not be reached from his/her contact informations

Your membership can be cancelled by us;

*if the member sends messages and comments without morality

*if the member tries to make fraud

*if the member tries to harm

Member's security;

For the secure of our customers;all preventions are taken by us.beside this preventions;also you are responsible for your personal informations.please don't share your informations with unknown people and please don't use the computer that you don't trust.

Different adress:

Also you are a member of;you can give order to different can use our different adress part;while you are sending a gift to your friend

Beside that in the summer;if you are in a vacation,we can also send your product wherever you are..

Comments of products:

Every member can comment on our products.Your comments are important for us to develop ourself.By your comments,shopping will be more enjoyable.

While you comment on a product;please show more care about being not harmfull to ourwebsite and don't use swearing.All comments are examined by us.

If your comment is not suitable for our website;it is deleted bu